Digital Film Production for Web and Television

We have experience in shooting, editing and producing high quality digital video for broadcast, presentation as well as viewing on the web. We have found that our experience in shooting still photography enhances our ability to properly frame key action while producing stable, smooth camera work with no undue camera motion.

Ray Gordon filming video on location

Sound is a critical component that is essential to the creation of quality video. In addition to high quality directional microphones, we also have the ability to record on-screen participants using high-end wireless mikes. Capturing sound properly virtually elminates problems in post-production, and makes for cleaner sound when overlaying multiple tracks or voice-overs.

We are capable of shooting with multiple cameras to provide ample footage for editing purposes. When shooting on location, as we often do, we specialize in fast lighting and camera set-ups with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. We have experience in shooting with stabilized hand-held cameras as well as stationary tripod setups as needed.

In-room TV ad for Pineapples Boutique, also on

Video to introduce vacation suite at Honua Lani Gardens