Real Estate, Travel and Art Photography by Ray Gordon

We can shoot high resolution photographs for your print materials, or quality photographs optimized for fast display on electronic media. We emphasize detail, faithful color rendition and sharpness in our photography.

Photographs for the Web
Photographs for the web must be strong visually, be able to read well on a variety of display sizes, and Most importantly, photos must load quickly and not slow a web site’s performance. We take great care in producing images that are sharp and bold while utilizing techniques to minimize file size without compromising image quality.

Print Photography
Photographs for print must be high resolution and sharp. The color space used in printing is different than the system used for web display, so we make sure that photographs for print are properly calibrated. We can provide photographs that can be used both in print as well as on web sites, which each version optimized for the appropriate application.

Real Estate Photography
With an architect’s eye for what features are most important in a building, we shoot both interiors as well as exteriors of private homes and commercial properties. Realtors use these images to give buyers and sellers details on all aspects of the properties. Realtors have used our photographs for multiple listing system postings, for promotional brochures, and publications such as magazines and newspapers.

Photo Editing
We are experts at Adobe PhotoShop and other relevant photo editing programs, having used these programs sine they were first introduced. With our extensive experience in producing images custom designed for advertising and graphic layouts, we can produce high-impact images for web site headers, page backgrounds, facebook pages, and electronic magazines and newsletters.

Our Principal Photographer
Ray Gordon is a professional photographer whose work has been exhibited in Japan as well as many cities across the United States. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Ray has worked in 35mm and medium format film as well as digital imaging.