Introduction to Facebook Page Basics

Here are some of the basics that we cover in the Introduction to Facebook class that you should remember.

The Difference Between a Facebook Personal Timeline (or Profile) and a Facebook Page
Personal Timelines (profiles) have “friends”, Pages have “likes”. Pages are for brands, companies and non-profits. Personal Timelines are for individuals.

Facebook now uses the term “Timeline” to refer to the personal accounts with friends even though both personal accounts (or Facebook profiles) and what were called Brand Pages and previously Fan Pages now have a timeline format (and are just referred to as Facebook Pages). The key difference to look for is friends versus likes. Facebook explains it here.

How to Convert a Facebook Personal Timeline (Profile) to a Page
Facebook has made this much easier than it used to be. If you are using a personal profile for your company, store, restaurant or non-profit, you shouldn’t be. You should have a Facebook Page. This link from Facebook will give you the instructions on how to make the change. Susan Gilbert adds some useful screen shots of the process.

Switching Back and Forth from Facebook Personal to Page

You should admin your Page with your personal Facebook account.
If you try to log into your company’s page, you have to keep logging in and out or changing browsers.
You can choose from the gear, “use Facebook as”.
Also when you are on your Page, you should see on the top, “you are using Facebook as …”
To be added as admin, you should be friends with the person adding you and you must “like” the page

Facebook Posts Should be Made from the Page
If you post from your personal profile, your post will go to the barely visible posts from others box

Inviting Your Facebook Friends to “Like” Your Facebook Page

First make sure that you are using Facebook as yourself and not your page
Go to Activity and scroll down to Share Page.
Do NOT Go to Build Audience.
DON’T choose “invite”. This shows up without a personal message.
DO choose “share page”, then choose “private message”
Add friends to send the message to. Begin with a’s and work your way through.

Note that Facebook will continuously suggest that you “promote your page” This means run a Facebook ad to promote your page. Instead you should selectively boost posts.

On Your Personal Facebook Timeline (Profile) About Page, Be Sure to List Your Facebook Page, Your Website and other Social Profiles.
See details here.

On Your Brand Page, Be Sure to List Your Website and Other Social Profiles
In the long description area you can include links. Be sure to begin each one with http://

Include Your Website in Your Short Description
This way it will show on the front of your Page. Example.

The Design Specs for the Facebook Timeline Both Personal Profile and Page are Here.

Here Are Some Examples of Good Facebook Pages
From Mashable
From Inc
On Kauai:
Hike Kauai with Me

Facebook updated the look of Facebook Pages.
Report from Mashable You should find Mashable to be a useful resource. They publish often and they are focused on topics of interest to those working on social media. Easy reading.