Politics and Social Media on Kauai

Results of Kauai vote for local positions during the Hawaii Primary elections August 11, 2012

All candidates go on to the general election Nov 6

Kauai County Council – seven seats available

NAKAMURA, Nadine K. 9,044 13.37%
FURFARO, Jay 8,073 11.94%
YUKIMURA, JoAnn A. 8,065 11.93%
RAPOZO, Mel 7,948 11.75%
KAGAWA, Ross K. 7,532 11.14%
KUALI’I, KipuKai L.P. 6,917 10.23%
HOOSER, Gary L. 6,847 10.13%
BYNUM, Tim 6,800 10.06%
CHANG, Dickie (Walaau) 6,394 9.46%

Prosecuting Attorney, County of Kauai

KOLLAR, Justin F. 6,883 50.71%
ISERI-CARVALHO, Shaylene 6,691 49.29%

Are you in communication with your local representatives on social media such as Facebook and Twitter?

Social media, including an updated website, is a tool that can help politicians communicate with their supporters and constituents. On Kauai, our political participants vary in their command of this tool. Kauai has not traditionally been a place where online communicaton matters. But gradually it will matter more and more.

The Facebook profiles and Pages of these candidates pop up easily when you search their name on Facebook. For Twitter, type in their name at this Twitter name search link.

Last night I checked in on all the candidates to see what they were doing on Facebook and Twitter. You might find this interesting as well. Facebook is much more popular and for Kauai internal communication, certainly more important for local politicians. Twitter is a good tool for communicating with the world outside of Kauai. But if you get onto Twitter, don’t forget that part of the game is to monitor mentions and respond.

To learn more about how to use these tools and more well for politics, non-profits and business, take advantage of the inexpensive social media classes that KCC-OCET has made available to Kauai through September.

Does social media matter for politics on Kauai? What do you think?

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