Politics and Social Media on Kauai

Results of Kauai vote for local positions during the Hawaii Primary elections August 11, 2012 All candidates go on to the general election Nov 6 Kauai County Council - seven seats available NAKAMURA, Nadine K. 9,044 13.37% FURFARO, Jay 8,073 11.94% YUKIMURA, JoAnn A. 8,065 11.93% RAPOZO, Mel 7,948 11.75% KAGAWA, Ross K. 7,532 11.14% KUALI'I, KipuKai L.P. 6,917 10.23% HOOSER, Gary L. … [Read more...]

Why Your Business Should Be on Pinterest

The reasons your business should be on Pinterest include the opportunity to: - Extend your brand personality and story with images - Draw people to particular articles, pages or products on your website - Publicize your participation in a trade show - Engage with your brand advocates - Get feedback on which of your product images are appealing from customers and prospects - Protect your … [Read more...]

Hawaii Social Media Summit Boasts Statewide Participation

The competitive landscape for marketing in Hawaii has changed. Recognizing this, attendees from a broad spectrum of industries in Hawaii came to the Hawaii Social Media Summit to learn more about social media marketing. The beautiful open-air Hawaii Convention Center made a lovely backdrop to the aloha spirit at the conference. My presentation was aimed at business owners considering a … [Read more...]