Social Media for Business 2016 Classes

Don't get left out. If you want to attract new customers, your small business or nonprofit on Kauai needs social media marketing tools. The Kauai arm of the University of Hawaii has your back. They have worked hard to offer affordable stand-alone classes on topics you need to know. These are running Fridays 1-4pm. There is now ONE class left in the 2016 series. If you have never taken a class … [Read more...]

Time to Update Your Passwords Again

Are you using strong passwords? Are you using different passwords for every site you use? It's time to make that happen. The world has just been hit again with another criminal theft of passwords, usernames and emails. This time by a Russian gang. Hold Security has just exposed the security breach. 1.2 billion user name and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses have … [Read more...]

Social Media for Business 2014 Classes

It is the time for New Years Resolutions and self improvement. It's a good time to get KCC-OCET Social Media for Business classes onto your schedule for 2014. These classes are fun, affordable and easy to fit into your schedule. You have no excuse. Our first series in 2014 ran January 29 to March 12. Our second series ran July 23 to September 3rd as below. We will have a new series beginning … [Read more...]

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Klout Score

All of my social media for business students and clients know about Klout, the measurement index for social media influence. I introduce them to their Klout score at the very beginning of our relationship. Why? Because for all the controversy about the accuracy of Klout, people do look at it. If you are on Hootsuite, as a vast number of Twitter users are, you cannot help seeing it because it is … [Read more...]

Rumble2012 Nox Solutions Tech Social Media Fail Case Study

A debate both entertaining and valuable took place today between Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly. Unfortunately it was accompanied by a monumental tech and social media monitoring and reaction failure related to their paid live streaming internet solution. Earlier this week Kitchen Aid fielded a social media disaster very well. Not so for The Daily Show and the O'Reilly Factor. Neither of … [Read more...]

How To Make a Facebook Page First Steps

Setting up a new Facebook Page can be somewhat daunting because Facebook does not allow you to preview what screens you will encounter before you get started. Here is your advance road map. To set up a new Facebook Fan Page, you must have a Facebook profile. Note that Facebook Pages are alternatively called Fan Pages and Brand Pages. These names refer to the same thing. A Facebook Page … [Read more...]

KCC OCET Social Media for Business Series with Linda Sherman

KCC OCET is a tremendous resource for residents of Kauai. If you haven't taken a course there yet, you certainly should look at doing so. You will find the OCET classrooms comfortable and well-equipped. As many of you know, bringing the voice of Kauai to the internet is a passion of mine. Many business owners on Kauai are now realizing that they need to understand the tools of social media to … [Read more...]

Why Your Business Should Be on Pinterest

The reasons your business should be on Pinterest include the opportunity to: - Extend your brand personality and story with images - Draw people to particular articles, pages or products on your website - Publicize your participation in a trade show - Engage with your brand advocates - Get feedback on which of your product images are appealing from customers and prospects - Protect your … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For Facebook Brand Page Timeline

Here are some tips to help you with the transition to Timeline for Facebook Brand Pages. All Facebook Brand Pages will go to Timeline March 30th. I address some basic Facebook points and offer a few precautions at the end of this article for those of you who are still a bit fuzzy on Page versus Profile. Facebook Brand Page Timeline Design Considerations Because one of The Courage Group … [Read more...]

BlogWorld Video Interviews and Great Memories

BlogWorld Expo is a conference where bloggers and would be bloggers gather to speak, learn and network. With over 100 sessions providing tips for businesses and organizations for both blogging and social media as well as special tracks for military, health and other special interests, there is always a wealth of information at this conference. At the same time, the word reunion comes up a … [Read more...]