Hawaii Social Media Summit Boasts Statewide Participation

The competitive landscape for marketing in Hawaii has changed. Recognizing this, attendees from a broad spectrum of industries in Hawaii came to the Hawaii Social Media Summit to learn more about social media marketing. The beautiful open-air Hawaii Convention Center made a lovely backdrop to the aloha spirit at the conference. My presentation was aimed at business owners considering a … [Read more...]

Sustainability Forums Kauai Oct 11 Photos and Mahalo

Chris Jaeb, founder of Common Ground Kauai and Diann Hartman, Green Team Leader for the Grand Hyatt Kauai, Recipient for the Kapaa Rotary Club Green Giant Award for 2010 were the featured speakers for Sustainability Forums October 11, 2011. Both of the presentations were specific, inspiring and generated questions and discussion. In addition, the conversations in the room before and after the … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs Words of Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

Although Steve Jobs was known as an extremely creative innovator, he was even more admired as an inspiration to millions of geeks, consumers, and businesspeople around the world. Following is the full transcript of his now-famous 2005 speech to the graduating class at Stanford University. The speech is full of insights regarding how Steve began his career, approached life, coped with hardships … [Read more...]

Social Media Day Kauai Huge Success

International Social Media Day was celebrated in ninety countries around the world June 30, 2011. Out of 14,000 meet-ups around the world, Social Media Day Kauai was selected to be featured by the highly respected Christian Science Monitor. Social Media Day is hosted annually by Mashable, a leading source for social media, digital and tech news as well as tutorials. Kauai celebrated … [Read more...]